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Welcome to your new site!

Welcome to the NEW Milwaukee County Genealogical Society Website!
We hope that you will find our new website more informative and useful than our previous site. Although we have gone "live" with this new site, we will still be adding new pages and features in the coming weeks. Please check back frequently to see the new changes we make.
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The Basics

Our hope is that our new site is more user-friendly, more up-to-date and will allow our members access to more resources, as well as have more control over their membership and information.

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Members will be notified soon by email on how to sign in and use the "Members" only section.

An MCGS Exclusive!

The Brother/Sister Chart!   
This Pedigree chart is a working "score sheet." It presents a quick  summary of one's knowledge of his/her ancestors and the proof of the information as derived from primary sources. It combines the usual Pedigree chart with features of a Family Group sheet. So, in addition to direct ancestors, all the children can be shown for the first four generations of families. Lines are also given to write source references. Comes with description/instruction sheet; covers seven generations. Check it out in the Store

May 15
Czech-Slovak Area Research Group
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May 20
May - Board Meeting

May 20
Meeting -Steve Person "Victorian Funeral and Mourning Practices"
Following the business meeting (approximately 1:30pm), Steve Person, retired funeral home director, will entertain the audience with his informative program on “Victorian Funeral and Mourning Practices"

May 21
Class - Foreign Research
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June 24
June - Board Meeting