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Including links to city archives of: Prague City, Ostrava City, Brno City and Plzen City.
Archive links are not up to date on the page, but the map is very accurate to locate the correct archive. As of September 2016: Plzen archive link not updated to ; SOA v Praze archive link not updated to
Parish registers area: Jihomoravský (South Moravian) Region, Zlínský (Zlin) Region and Vysocina Region - excluding the former districts Pelhrimov and Havlíckuv Brod
Parish registers area: City of Prague
Parish registers area: Ústecký (Usti nad Labem) Region and Liberecký (Liberec) Region
Parish registers area: Moravskoslezský (Moravian-Silesian) Region and Olomoucký (Olomouc) Region
Parish registers area: Plzenský (Pilsen) Region and Karlovarský (Karlovy Vary) Region
Parish registers area: Stredoceský (Central) Region
Map of Churches that have been digitalized (as of 4 Jan 2017): click on Mapa stredoceskych farnosti.pdf
Parish registers area: Jihoceský (South) Region - including the former district Pelhrimov
Parish registers area: Královéhradecký (Hradec Kralove) Region and Pardubický (Pardubice) Region - complete with the former district Havlíckuv Brod. pdf file from Archives, with listing of Churches and their list of record books, with links to downloadable records of parish records that have been digitalized to date (pdf updated dated 3 Mar 2017). (Note, most of these digitalized records are also available at
Map of Churches that have been digitalized (as of 20 Dec 2016).
Directory for parish registers which are not yet stored at the archive or digitized (pdf file from Archives, dated 21 Sep 2016).
pdf charts with English translations of the census forms for 1857, 1869, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, and 1921
An interactive map from with links to parish records from only Southern Moravia in Brno archives.
If this link is not opening the parish map, select Folder Tree, then Maps and technical drawings, SRA Trebon, Varia, and Map of the parish districts of the evangelical churches in Czech lands (1937)
Images of Jewish Birth, Marriages and Death for the entire Czech Republic. Click on "Rejstříky" for index of towns.
20 page document: Sources For Genealogical Research At The Austrian War Archives In Vienna (Kriegsarchiv Wien) by Christoph Tepperberg (Director of the Kriegsarchiv)
Excellent source to help understand and research military records. In addition to providing a history of your ancestor's military career, these records can sometimes answer basic genealogical questions, such as where and when a person was born. Information provided on how to research the Grundbuchblätter Diverse. Detailed information about conscription.
Online Database (CGSI Member Only) Leo Baca’s Czech Immigration Passenger Lists
Parish Finder
Church Books and School collections updated in February 2017, others updated in October 2016: Church Books, 1552-1963; Censuses and Inhabitant Registers, 1800-1990; School Registers, 1799-1953; Land Records, 1450-1889
Parish Finder Free site, requiring registration to use. Has excellent gazetteer for helping identify German/Czech name of village and its associated parish (for church record books).
jpg map of Czech Republic - Kraj (Regions) and Okres (Districts)
Just click on the village in the map - and there will be a window with all historical maps for the area. Cadastral maps: "otisky" - are the BASE MAPS with house number and "skica" - are the CADASTRAL MAPS with house owners name.
Muller's Survery map (Bohemia 1720 and Moravia 1716): 1st Military Survey map (Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia 1764 -1768 and 1780 - 1783); 2nd Military Survey map (Bohemia, Moravia 1836 - 1852); 3rd Military Survey map; (adding) Stabile cadaster
Select Hledani, type name of village, press search button - Will be displayed: village name, okres name, kraj name; and location on map will be shown. Then continue to zoom in to see the houses with house numbers. Select Zmenit mapu, then choose Letecka to see view by air. Select Zmenit mapu, then choose Z 19. stoleti, to see maps from 19th century (2nd Military Survey 1836-1852). And be sure to choose Fotograficka - click any photo, and under photo - select fotky to enlarge photo OR panorama for a drive by view.
Gymnastics program, Czech/Slovak Culture, History, Genealogy and Traditions. Meetings at Norway House, 7507 West Oklahoma Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
Helmuth Schneider's Power Point presentation from June 27, 2015 at Caldwell, TX "The Stable Cadastral Map System of the Czech Republic".
Common Czech and German words found on tombstones inscriptions and translations
Slovak Museum, 3702 East Layton Avenue, Cudahy, WI