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In an effort to provide our researchers with increased exposure, we will be sharing some queries that have been submitted to The Reporter and include e-mail addresses. Please retype the email address you see online, replacing the "AT" with a "@". (No quote marks - remove spaces) The normal standards and procedures apply.

Non-members are invited to submit one free query that will be considered for publication in the The Reporter, issued quarterly by the Milwaukee Genealogical County Society, Inc. as well as online as space permits.

Query Guidelines

Written queries must include a self-addressed stamped envelope and should be sent to MCGS, PO Box 270326, Milwaukee, WI 53227-0326. Internet queries should include the word "Query" in the title along with the surname of interest and are sent Lisa Christopherson.

The most effective query is short and concise in length containing "Who, What (an event), When (the year), and Where" about one person or surname. Also, please include your US postal address! The editors reserve the right to edit queries and print them as space permits.

February 2014

Algonquin Indian Tribe: Any info, esp. subgroups and different names (Milwaukee);
Mary ? married to Johann (John) Lempien: Maiden name; any other info
(b. Canada, d. Milwaukee, Born 22 Mar 1830; Died 13 May 1900)
E-mail: LadyLibearty AT

Information on Lydia Chapman Nichols, born July 30, 1811, Bastard Leeds, Ontario, Canada;
died March30, 1853 in Milwaukee. Married to Thomas Bresee in Canada in 1829
E-mail: kathy.childs AT

Information on Matthew Jacobchick (1896-1974), possibly married to Margaret
E-mail: shirleyjacobchick AT

Information on: Wilhelm Rudolf Friederich Schulz, born 6 August 1859 Parchim,
Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany. He married Ida Elizabeth Biermann, born 24 August 1861 in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Christian Friederich Eggert born 1836 in Tonnin, Kreis Usedom-Wollin,
Anna Frederike Wilhelmine Ulrike Kaliebe born 17 February 1836, in Treptow a Rega, Griefenberg.
Walter Kerr, born 19 August 1862 in Dairy, Ayr, Scotland, married Julia Madsen Johnson,
born approximately 1871 in Denmark and immigrated in approximately 1889. Julia Madsen Johnon Kerr
died 4 May 1900. John/James Szukalski, born 1823, married Salome Stanizewski/Syryszynska/Szyprzenska,
born 1834
E-mail: GeorgeJK676 AT

Borkowski, Zuba, Westphal, Meier/Meyer, Vespalec, Kalista, Warzala, Wenscherski
(all Milwaukee circa 1900)
E-mail: franlen1 AT

Carolus Southwell, Julia Silvernail (both of Milwaukee, late 1800ís-present) photos to identify
Please see Reporter for contact information.

Wordingham, Bradford (London England, 1800-1892; Milwaukee 1892-present)
E-mail: mpaulson AT

Carter, Zarnow, McVey, Runnoe
E-mail: brewpack19 AT

Warmbrier (Prussia, Waushara Co. WI); Golz/Goltz (Prussia); Scholl (Solingen, Germany);
Dahm (Koln, Germany/Witten/Elberfeld); Dinger (Elberfeld,Germany); Pottmann/Pothmann, Gerritzen, Dietrich
(Germany, Netherlands)
Please see Reporter for contact information.

Buxton (Pennsylvanian, 1790 -1860); Trail (Maryland, 1670-1850); Shinn (North Carolina, 1760-1900)
E-mail: Colemary_ann AT

Harmel, Butt, Schonke, Schwanger, Moelller, Littmann
E-mail: bruceharmel AT

Capello (Milwaukee 1880-2000)
E-mail: dehoutz AT

Cybulski (Prussia/Poland, 1830ís, Milwaukee 1880-1900ís);
Grochowski (Prussia/Poland 1830ís, Milwaukee 1880-1900ís);
Kalitzke/Kalitzki (Prussia/Germany? 1830ís, Milwaukee 1880-1900ís);
Kirlau (Prussia/Germany? 1830ís, Milwaukee 1880-1900ís);
Newmann (Prussia/Poland? 1830ís, Milwaukee 1880-1900ís);
Pokrop/Prokop (Grudziadz, Prussia/Poland 1830ís, Milwaukee 1880-1900ís)
E-mail: jjaeschke AT

Mitten (WI, IL 1860ís); Millay (WI, IL 1845-present);
OíKeefe (NY, WI 1830-1870); Byrnes (Ire, WI 1830-present)
E-mail: chuckjerominski AT

Bremond, Brown, Coguillon/Coquilllon, Penn, Hale, Richardson
E-mail: momsapenn AT

Williams, Schinabeck, Husslein
Please see Reporter for contact information.

Balfanz, Crouch, Huddleston, Krueger, McLeary, Monochie,
Peterman, Plautz, Reimer/Riemer, Ring, Tetzlaff, Young
E-mail: milesofsmiles44 AT

Moulton, Zimmerman, Caine, Lehman
E-mail: bmoulton57 AT

Taylor, Gater (England, 1300ís);
Sawbridge, Kebble, De Astley, Reed, Collee, Tompkins (1500ís);
MacCoan (Scotland, 1600ís)
E-mail: aperkins5558 AT

Jacob Krummenauer (Prussia-California-Franklin WI, 1822-1900)
Please see Reporter for contact information.

Landeck, Kaliebe (Pomerania, WI 1800-1930));
E-mail: ruthrasch AT

Brehm (Baden/ Wisconsin); Tremmel (Bavaria/ Wisconsin);
Burtchy (Alsace Lorraine/ Ohio/Wisconsin); Schomer (Luxembourg/ Wisconsin);
Haffelder, Petry (Germany/Wisconsin)
E-mail: Katie AT

Lavinia Jane Roberts (New Brunswick; USA);
William Roberts (Wales 1800-1815)
E-mail: Patroberts2 AT

Daniel J. Luther (Madison WI, 1804-1872); Maria E. Heller (1806-1879);
Elizabeth Heppes (Germany 1846, Milwaukee 1900)
E-mail: Lashemet AT

Jakubek (Poland, Milwaukee 1895-present);
Grzelak (Poland, Russia, Milwaukee 1890-present)
E-mail: pmj1934 AT

Patlow (USA 1930ís); Paatalo (1900ís); Salonsaari (Finland 1850);
Broskch (Russia 1880); Reimer (Lithuania 2000); Michaelis (Prussia/Germany 1857)
E-mail: sstock AT

Schiller (Ruth E. [Wolfer], Edward H. Jr., Edward Sr., Martha)
E-mail: goldfinchhaven AT

Winger, Zimmermann, Zinda (all WI 1900), Zinda (MN, WI 1900)
E-mail: doneilw AT

The publication of a query is dependent on the space available in The Reporter and is at the discretion of the editors. Queries pertaining to Milwaukee County, Wisconsin will be given first priority, those from other areas in the state second priority. Lengthy submissions or those not connected with the State of Wisconsin will be disregarded.


Query Guidelines

Hard copy queries are to include a self-addressed stamped envelope and should be sent to MCGS, PO Box 270326, Milwaukee, WI 53227-0326.   Internet queries should include the word "Query" in the subject along with the surname of interest. Email to Lisa Christopherson.

The most effective query is short and concise in length, containing Who, What (an event), When (time frame/year), and Where about one person or surname. The editors reserve the right to edit queries and print them in The Reporter as space permits. Please include your US postal address. We do not publish names and street addresses online. Thank you.


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