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2015 MCGS Workshop

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Leslie Albecht Huber

9:15am - Crossing the Ocean with the Internet. With more sources coming online all the time, tracing your ancestors across the ocean to their European hometowns is easier.

10:45am – Jumping Over Hurdles in German Research. Find out how to jump over the most common hurdles such as immigration, access to records, language and writing.

1:15pm - Researching and Writing Your Family’s Story Part 1. Learn how to dig deeper into records and discover how to place them in their historical context to gain fuller understand-ing of your relatives lives.

2:45pm - Researching and Writing Your Family Story Part 2. Additional in depth discussion to enhance your knowledge from a few bare bones documents through examples used in “The Journey Takers”.

Lori B. Bessler

9:15am - Part 1. Instruction on this well-known website is to show the various levels and how to make the most of your research on it. It will provide a look at how it fits into the larger picture of genealogical resources found online and in institutions. Many examples will be used to assist in understanding what is within this site.

10:45am - Part 2. Continuation of the in-depth look at this website, whether you have used it already or not. More strategies for finding information about your family. Not the same as discussed in Part 1.

Douglas A. Bicknese

1:15pm - National Archives Chicago. What’s there? Population and Immigration records, Military records. Records relating to Native Americans, African Americans, Merchant Seamen and Government Employees. Land Claims, Passport Records, etc.

2:45pm - Federal Court Records. What court records does the Archives hold? Types of cases to be found. What type of information can be found in each case. Locate the court cases.


Leslie Albecht Huber

Is a genealogist, freelance writer and speaker. She has written over 100 articles for a variety of magazines and journals including The History Channel Maga-zine, Ancestry and Family Chronicle, as well as a narrative nonfiction book, “The Journey Takers”. She enjoys speaking to genealogy and history groups across the country and has appeared on Good Morning America, National Public Radio and other local radio and television stations.

Lori B. Bessler

Is a Reference Librarian and Outreach Coordinator for the Wisconsin Historical Society Library Archives in Madison, WI.

Douglas A. Bicknese

Is Director of Archival Operations, National Archives, Chicago, Il. He oversees the preservation of and access to historically significant Federal records, creat-ed in the Great Lakes region dating back to the 19th Century. He has worked for the National Archives since 2006 and has a Masters Degree in Information and Library Science from the University of Michigan.


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