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In an effort to provide our researchers with increased exposure, we will be sharing some queries that have been submitted to the Reporter and include e-mail addresses.
Non-members are invited to submit one free query that will be considered for publication in the the Reporter, issued quarterly by the Milwaukee Genealogical County Society, Inc. as well as online as space permits.
Query Guidelines
Written queries must include a self-addressed stamped envelope and should be sent to MCGS, PO Box 1606, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1606. Internet queries should include the word "Query" in the title along with the surname of interest and are sent to MCGS.
The most effective query is short and concise in length containing "Who, What (an event), When (the year), and Where" about one person or surname. Also, please include your US postal address! The editors reserve the right to edit queries and print them as space permits.
The publication of a query is dependent on the space available in the Reporter and is at the discretion of the editors. Queries pertaining to Milwaukee County, Wisconsin will be given first priority, those from other areas in the state second priority. Lengthy submissions or those not connected with the State of Wisconsin will be disregarded.
The list of "Surnames being Researched" is available to members in "Members Only" section.  
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Searching for additional information on: Wilhelm Rudolf Friederich Schulz, born 6 Aug 1859 in Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. He married Ida Elizabeth Biermann, born 24 Aug 1861, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Christian Friederich Eggert, born 1836 in Tonnin, Kreis Usedom-Wollin, married Anna Frederike Wilhelmine Ulrike Kaliebe born 17 Feb 1836, in Treptow a Rega, Griefenberg; Walter Kerr, born 19 Aug 1862 in Dalry, Ayr, Scotland married Julia Madsen Johnson born approximately 1871 and immigrated approximately 1889. Julia Madsen Johnson Kerr died 4 May 1900; John or James Szukalski, born 1823, married Salome Stanizewski or Syryszynska or Szyprzenska, born 1834. Contact: George Koleas, W156 N10640 Cobbler Lane Germantown WI 53022-4107 Email:
Last Updated: 19 October 2016   [Located in Category: Queries]
Seeking any and all information on : Bridget (Germaine) Dillon who lived at 222 Sycamore St, Milwaukee in 1866. Contact: Jean Germaine, 5901 Barge St, #13 Yakima WA 88908-3097 Email: Phone: (509) 833-9431
Last Updated: 19 October 2016   [Located in Category: Queries]
Edward J. Burke, b. 1827, Quebec, Canada, arrived U.S. ~ 1831. Married 1st Martha Bridget Martin, 2nd Margaret Wakely. Children with Martha: Richard J, Catherine E., Thomas E., Mary, Elizabeth T, Mary Ellen (Nellie). Died Feb 4 1885, Milwaukee. Particularly interested in his parents, b. Ireland. Email:
Last Updated: 26 April 2016   [Located in Category: Queries]
2015: Hucha (Milwaukee 1880-present); Jilka/Ilka (Chicago 1880-present); Bakalarski (Milwaukee 1900-present); Marszelski (Chicago); Rewolinski (Milwaukee); Szabelski (Chicago); Panek (Milwaukee); Olejniczak (Milwaukee 1900-?) Email: pfb614 AT
Last Updated: 22 April 2016   [Located in Category: Queries]
2015: Information on East Side Land League, Dennis Murphy, Katherine Jordan Ward, Doorley Saloon 2 Grand Ave-Pabst Beer Hall, William F. Jordan, Real Estate Agent, Jordan and Toohey Subdivision of Cudahy WI Email: electronwizzy AT
Last Updated: 22 April 2016   [Located in Category: Queries]
2015: Stachurski (Malszewo, Poland 1863-1900); Granditzki (Pischnitz/Altagrabond, Germany 1850-1910); Schenk/Szenk (Godzyszfwo, Poland 1780-1910); Chrapkowski (Donersberg, Germany 1825-1910); Kuszewski (Gonziszewo, Poland 1790-1910); Waszewski (Germany, Poland 1800-1880) Please see The Reporter for contact information
Last Updated: 22 April 2016   [Located in Category: Queries]
2015: All in Milwaukee (1880-1950): Krieger; Henning; Heuer; Nevinger; Baumgardt; Schirmer Email: timdi AT
Last Updated: 22 April 2016   [Located in Category: Queries]
2015: Thiel; Dixon; Gallion; Blodgett Email: wbtheil88 AT
Last Updated: 22 April 2016   [Located in Category: Queries]