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April 28, 2017 By: Susan Chapman
Comparision of 3 DNA kits by Fox 6 News
Fox 6 Milwaukee news report online:
Unlocking The Past: Contact 6 Tests Three Popular DNA Kits by Jenna Sachs:
March 13, 2017 By: Susan Chapman
Milwaukee City Neighborhoods Map

September 8, 2016 By: Susan Chapman
Historical Highlights - Sub-topics
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August 19, 2016 By: Susan Chapman
Google News Now Displays Milw Newspapers
Good News! Google News Archive is again displaying the old Milwaukee newspapers online. (From August 16, 2016 to December 20, 2017 the articles 1995 and prior, were not online.)

Urban Milwaukee has an article about this loss:
"Journal Sentinel Archive Disappears
Entire Google archive of more than a century of stories is gone. Why?"

By Michail Takach
August 19, 2016
UPDATE on August 23, 2016
Urban Milwaukee article update:
"Library Charged $1.5 Million for Journal Archive
Library turned down NewsBank offer; Journal Sentinel promises archive, but when
By Michael Horne
August 23, 2016
UPDATE on September 2, 2016
Urban Milwaukee article update:
"Journal Sentinel Archive Will Return?"
By Bruce Murphy
September 2, 2016
UPDATE on December 20, 2017
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel update:
"Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel newspaper archives are back on the Web"
By Craig Nickels
December 20, 2017
February 27, 2016 By: Susan Chapman
Genealogy in Milwaukee News
Looking through the online resources and newspapers for recent information about MCGS, MCGS members, and genealogy in Milwaukee County. Found these interesting articles to share:

2015 Oct 29 - Wisconsin Life, Produced by Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television
"Retired Teacher Photographs Gravestones, Creates Record For The Living"
Video and article. Several days each week, retired history teacher Frank Germanson visits one of Milwaukee's cemeteries.

2015 - Latina Lives in Milwaukee by Theresa Delgadilo
"Preserving the Story of Mexican Milwaukee"
Online book. Margarita Sandoval Skare. In retirement I took free genealogy classes at the Milwaukee Public Library once a month. I wanted to learn how to do everything correctly. At the end of the ten-class series, the president of the Milwaukeee County Genealogical Society said, "Margarita you're the new secretary for our society.".........
With that initial training, I was inspired to start the first ever Genealogy Booth at Mexican Fiesta in 2007.

2014 - Every Root an Anchor: Wisconsin's Famous and Historic Trees by R. Bruce Allison, Wisconsin Historical Society
"Whitnall Park and Boerner Gardens"
Online book. Various groups undertook a number of individual memorial tree plantings, marked by plaques, during the 1930s. These included an ancestral grove established by the Milwaukee County Genealogical Society.

2014 Aug 8 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Family brings reunion to loved ones already passed" - "Family reunion brings together the living - and dead"
Photo: Tessie Lloyd-Jones hands out trivia packets on the bus as they head to the first cemetery on Saturday during the Double-Singleton Cemetery Stomp.  ....Annie Hahn, the 79-year-old Bay View woman behind this unusually inclusive family gathering. She ran the first on in 2003, and the 47 relatives on the bus that time declared it a huge success. So, she decided to repeat it this year, with a cookout Friday, cemetery visits Saturday and brunch Sunday.

2014 Jul 21 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Genealogist digs deep to unearth family roots"
Article about David McDonald of DeForest, a professional genealogist.

2012 Dec 8 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Somers woman's genealogy research finds grim answers."
Photos and article. Betty Houtz holds photos of six generations of her family. Houtz learned tragic details about her great-grandmother Libera Cappello.

Good News! Google News Archive is again displaying the old Milwaukee newspapers online. (From August 16, 2016 to December 20, 2017 the articles 1995 and prior, were not online.)

1995 Mar 28 - Milwaukee Sentinel
"What's in a name?"
Article. Christian surnames did not exist until the 1500s and Jewish surnames were not used until the 1800s, unless the Jew was a rabbi, according to Arlene Hale Brachman, a director of the Milwaukee County Genealogical Society.

1992 Feb 29 - Milwaukee Sentinel
"Looking Back Amateur genealogist keep it all in the family" and "Tools available locally to start tracking your genealogy"
Article. Marie M. Roth has loads of stories that send chills up and down the spine.

1984 Apr 25 - The Milwaukee Sentinel
"Cemetery Society was born of search for kin's burial site"
Article. Bob Felber, of 5100 N. 67th St., the metropolitan regional director for Milwaukee County, found the oldest burial site in the county, established in 1839, on land that is part of the House of Correction grounds in Franklin......
He compiled information on the site and eventually got it included as a Milwaukee County landmark.

1976 Dec 7 - The Milwaukee Journal
"The Family Tree Hobby is Branching Out - Genealogy, the Tracing of One's Ancestors, Is One of the Fastest Growing Avocations in America"
Article. Now it is one of the most popular, fastest growing hobbies in the nation, with more than 500 members in our own Milwaukee County Genealogical Society.

1967 Mar 8 - The Milwaukee Sentinel
"Into The Past"
Photo caption: Mrs. O. W. Senglaub (left), 3635 N. 39th st., president of the Milwaukee County Genealogical society, coached a newcomer in the ways of tracking down ancestors. She is Mrs. Raymond Grimmer, 5325 N. Santa Monica blvd., Whitefish Bay.
Photo caption: THE FAN SHAPED chart is the work of Mrs. Darice Lord, 3546 N 7th st., who traces her ancestral lines back to Charlemagne. The coats of arms and seals all belong to her ancestors. Mrs. Lord, a professional genealogist, has worked in the field for 46 years.

1967 Mar 3 - The Milwaukee Journal
"Genealogists Like to Fine Skeleton in Family Closet"
Article. Mrs. O. W. Senglaug, 2825 Harmony circle, president of the Milwaukee County Genealogical society whose 50 members spend their spare time in painstaking research of family trees - their own.
A good example of amateur accomplishment in the field is Mrs. Joseph Lemanski, 3870-A E. Pulaski av., Cudahy.....  Since then, Mrs. Lemanski has traced her family back to Miles Standish (1584-1656).
Top ranked expert of the society is Mrs. Darine Watson Lord, 3546 N. 7th st., who also serves as a professional genealogist.

1943 Jan 16 - The Milwaukee Journal
"Letter Written in 1846 - Basis for Village History - Great-Granddaughter of Pioneer Traces LIves of His 1,000 Descendants"
The history is now being written by Mrs. O. W. Senglaub, 3635 N. 39th st., a great-granddaughter of Michael Rodenkirch, one of the founders of the village and of the church, which is also called St. Michaels. Mrs. Senglaub, a member of the Wisconsin Genealogical society and also of the Milwaukee Genealogical society, has spent 10 years in research.
Article contains transcribed letter Michael Rodenkirch sent to his relatives in Germany, dated 26 Dec 1846 - interesting tale of hia ship voyage to America and transportation to Milwaukee, including purchasing land in Wisconsin, the Indians, etc.

December 7, 2015 By: Susan Chapman
MCGS in the News
Looking through the online newspapers for historical information about MCGS. Found these interesting articles about MCGS Ancestral Grove and MCGS Anniversaries to share:

1935 July - MCGS Founded

1940 June 16 - The Milwaukee Journal
"Genealogists Dedicate A Tree"
Photo and caption. Third annual tree dedication ceremony.

1944 July 28 - The Milwaukee Journal
"Dedicates Two Memory Trees, Group Honors Pioneers"

1945 May 20 - The Milwaukee Journal

"Hold Anniversary of Genealogical Society on Friday"

10th Anniversary. Ancestral Grove in Whitnall park, a special project and memorial grove undertaken by the society eight years ago

View article

1949 September 21 - The Milwaukee Journal

"Genealogical Society Will Open Its Fall Program Here Friday"

Will celebrate 15 years in May.

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1950 May 26 - The Milwaukee Sentinel

"Genealogy Unit Celebrates 15th Year"

Among the society's achievements is "Ancestral Grove" in Whitnall Park where small trees have been planted, marked and dedicated to their ancestors by members. The society has a dedication ceremony of this sort each June. A 15th Anniversary booklet was distributed at the meeting.

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1954 October 21 - The Milwaukee Sentinel

"Ancestral Grove Thrives"

Started in 1938. Grove now contains 34 trees.

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1955 September 24 - The Milwaukee Journal

"Genealogical Society Observes 20th Season"

20th Anniversary

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1962 October 3 - The Milwaukee Sentinel

"Jaunts With Jamie, It All Begins With A Name"

"Living Memorials," a grove of trees in Whitnall park, is a project of the society. Fifty trees have been planted in memory of individuals. Unless more space is allotted, the project is complete.

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1970 May 14 - The Milwaukee Journal

"House Will Address Genealogical Society"

The Milwaukee County Genealogical Society will hold its 35th anniversary luncheon at noon May 22 at the Ambassador Hotel 2308 W. Wisconsin Ave. Charlie House, Milwaukee Journal reporter and columnest will speak.

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