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Diccionario Geográfico, Histórico y Biográfico de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Spanish language dictionary of geographical, historical and biographical entries of Mexico
Links to Catholic archdioceses and dioceses websites throughout the world.
At can also access the Family History Library Catalog, Ancestral File, International Genealogical Index and microfilm records, books, etc. for Mexican vital records and documents. Includes the 1930 Mexican census.
Spanish language web site presenting a wealth of information on Mexican and Spanish Records.
Lynn Turner, bilingual graduate from Brigham Young University has a degree in Family History and Genealogy. He specializes in Latin America and Spain. Lynn Turner used to host a blog in which he answerd questions in both languages. He has also been videotaped for RootsTV presenting research information in Spanish and English.
National Mexican web site for geography, maps, statistics, "ranchos", locations etc.
Genealogy of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes
New Mexico State University at Las Cruces, Rio Grande Historical Collection. An extensive collection of materials from New Mexico, Chihuahua and Durango, including the microfilms of and index to the Archivo Historico del Arzobispado de Durango.
A research tool for Sephardic-Jewish genealogy from the Iberian Peninsula of Spain and Portugal. Sephardic surnames, Inquisition history of 1492, heraldry, Internet links, etc provided here. Many Hispanics today practice Jewish customs without knowing the source. (Formally:
Web site contains a wealth of resources and links to Hispanic web sites. Sign-up for their free online monthly newsletter.
Hispanic Heritage - articles, events, information
National Archives: United States Federal Government Genealogy Border Crossing Archives: immigration records and border crossing records for Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas crossings, many government forms and card manifests such as Alien Laborer's Identification Cards, Application for Resident Alien's Border Crossing Identification, Land Border Departure Records and many more. Available on microfilm through the Family History Library or Regional National Archives branches in the U. S.
Latin American Network Information Center